Human Rights and General Rights are the rights and freedoms to which all
residents are entitled. These include civil and political rights, social, cultural,
and economic rights. We protect and act as advocates for the human rights of
our residents.
Legal Rights Include the Right To:

  • Acquire, retain, & dispose of property
  • Buy or Sell
  • Sign legal documents
  • Enter into contracts
  • Register & Vote
  • Get married, separated,divorced, or
    have a marriage annulled
  • Hold a professional, occupational, or
    vehicle operator's license
  • Make a will
  • Have access to lawyers and the courts
Each Resident is Assured:

  • Protection to exercise legal, civil, and
    human rights
  • Respect for basic human dignity
  • Services consistent with sound
    therapeutic practice
  • Legal rights may not be denied
    because of services
Human Rights and General Rights