Great Programs are Flexible Enough to Customize
to Unique Needs, Foster Individual Self-direction,
and take Positive, Person-Centered Approaches
NOVA Program Quality Highlights:

  • Clear, measurable objectives
  • Person-Centered Plans for Supports (PFS)
  • Constant review and improvement cycles
  • Careful matching of program needs to staffing
  • Quality Program Direction and Management
  • Resident self-direction and participation
  • Built-in protection of human rights and general
  • Strong Written and Enforceable Policies and
  • Clear, frequent communication with residents,
    staff, agencies, families, and the State of VA
  • Regular review and delivery of Client progress
  • Compassionate, caring delivery of services
  • Improved quality of services measured by surveys
  • Person-centered and person driven approach to
    care, treatment, and support
  • Excellent, long-term trained staff
  • CARF Accrediatation

We provide regular progress
reports to authorized
individuals and agencies and
create a framework for constant
communication and feedback
which includes the client,
families, staff, guardians, and
the Commonwealth of VA.

Our programs focus on an
individual and their specific - and
changing - needs over time.
Each individual has the chance
to help create and drive their
own services, customizing the
program objectives and
experience for their unique
needs and wants.  NOVA strives
for full compliance under
Medicaid HCBS.
Positive Approaches
Measurable Results

We believe in emphasizing
positive approaches as a
method which best produces
measurable results in client
achievement of individualized
service plan objectives.