A Comfortable Home
A house must be a home. This includes the decor,
functionality, privacy, and opportunities for individual
expression that make a home feel secure and comfortable.

Materials and Finishes
We use quality materials and finishes that provide
functionality and safety.

Health, Safety & Security
All facilities pass rigorous internal and state inspections and
reviews to ensure all systems and environments are safe
and secure.

Fitness for Program Objectives And Resident Needs
Each home must be functionally fit to serve the needs of the
residents served and the objectives of the program to serve

Proximity to Enrichment Activities and Staff
Being close to community enrichment activities and to a
variety of quality staff is important, as is proximity to
medical care and major transportation infrastructure.
Allen House

Allen house is located in
Winchester,  Frederick
Leesburg House

Meadowbrook House

Pershing House

Comfortable updated
residences in
Loudoun county.